Sleep Yoga BP-SY04_MF Neck Pillow, Medium Firm, White

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Sleep Yoga BP-SY04_MF Neck Pillow, Medium Firm, White Description

Good sleep and Yoga are both beneficial to the body. Yoga helps strengthen our core muscles and keeps our body flexible, which, in turn, improves our posture; not only does this delay the effects of time and prevent stiffness and pain, it also allows us to breathe more freely. This increased oxygen flow improves our general health and allows us to feel more alive and rested. Our Sleep Yoga® Posture pillows was designed to provide these very same benefits by comfortably improving your posture as you sleep. Designed by a chiropractor, a sleep product veteran and an industry designer, every angle, contour and surface of Sleep Yoga Posture pillows are designed to suit varied body dynamics and help maintain perfect body posture. We now offer two options for this popular pillow! The original Dual Position Neck Pillow, in Medium Soft, is ideal for children, smaller adults or those looking for a softer, more plush pillow. The new Medium Firm Dual Position Neck Pillow offers comfort and increased support for larger adults and those who prefer a firmer pillow. A 45% cotton and 55% lyocell construction makes Sleep Yoga Posture pillows soft, hypoallergenic, absorbent, and resistant to wrinkles. The Dual Position Neck Pillow in Medium Firm or Medium Soft is breathable, keeps you cool while you sleep and maintains its shape over time. Sleep Yoga® Posture pillows are innovative, fresh and, most importantly, comfy. Each Sleep Yoga® Posture pillow is American made and uses patented filling material imported from Denmark (The land of fairy tales!). The result is a sleep product with the quality and benefits you have probably never seen or experienced before. Size: 20×28 inch Standard/Queen size

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