Safe-T Mate Wheelchair Anti Rollback Device(Size=Standard)

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Safe-T Mate Wheelchair Anti Rollback Device(Size=Standard) Description

Size:Standard The Safe-T Mate Wheelchair Anti Rollback Device prevents a wheelchair from rolling backward by grabbing the tires as the user attempts to sit or stand. An unoccupied wheelchair can easily be rolled backwards by depressing the center override lever.This fall prevention anti-rollback system attaches to the rear of most sling seat wheelchairs. A lever directly contacts the underside of the seat and is mechanically linked to the brake arms. If the patient begins to stand, the brake arms clamp down on the wheels, preventing the chair from rolling backwards. When the patient is seated, the brake arms automatically unlock, and the chair can continue to roll freely.The Safe-T Mate Anti Rollback Device is easy to install and fits most wheelchairs with a tubing diameter up to 1 inch. An optional battery-powered integrated alarm system is available for additional fall prevention. When anti-rollback device is engaged, the alarm sounds to alert attendants that the wheelchair is moving backwards. Additional adapter kits are available for the following wheelchairs: Quicki Breezy 500, 600, Invacare Patriot, Invacare 9000XT Super-hemi frame, Quickie Breezy Ultra 4 and 510, Invacare Insignia, Invacare SX5 Reclining Wheelchair, Invacare Tracer IV. Invacare SX5 High back, and wheelchair frames larger than 1 inch diameter.Safe-T Mate Wheelchair Anti Rollback Device Features:Automatically activates as the user begins to stand.A pair of brake arms grab the tires to prevent the chair from ro

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