DonJoy MaxTrax Air Walking Boot (Medium)

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DonJoy MaxTrax Air Walking Boot (Medium) Description

Size:Medium DonJoy MaxTrax Air Walking Boot The DonJoy MaxTrax Air Walking Boots have all the features of the standard walkers plus the benefit of a pneumatic liner, providing support and compression to help promote fracture healing.Designed to increase stability and help reduce pain and edema following trauma or post-operative procedures, the DonJoy MaxTrax Air Walking Bootalso provide cost-effective option to serial casting. Adjustable pneumatic air chambers to accommodate changes in edema during rehab and maximize patient compliance. Swiveling D-rings allow for crisscross or parallel strapping. Malleable uprights breakdown for shorter tibial/fibula on standard height walker. Integrated pump designed to make the liner simple to inflate and adjust. Medial/lateral dual air cell system inflates sides equally. Fits either left or right leg. Indications DonJoy MaxTrax Air Walking Bootis indicated for moderate/severe sprains. Post-operative care. Stable fractures. Immobilization following other lower leg/foot injuries. Goals Enhanced mobility. Patient compliance. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease pain symptoms. Comprehensive range of application. Reduce foot/ankle swelling and inflammation.

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