CMC Restriction Splint, Beige, Size: S, Left

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CMC Restriction Splint, Beige, Size: S, Left Description

CMC Restriction Splint, Beige, Size: S, LeftComfortable splint provides direct support for the thumb CMC joint while allowing full finger function.Wraparound supports are made of thin, 1/16&#8220 (1.6mm) perforated neoprene with a terrycloth liner that helps keep skin cool and comfortable. Anti-microbial and latex-free.Specifically designed for osteoarthritis and medial subluxation of the thumb CMC joint. Provides gentle compression that helps relieve thumb discomfort associated with CMC joint arthritis and/or instability, tendinitis or repetitive motion. Contoured neoprene strap wraps around the thumb CMC joint and the first metacarpal for direct CMC joint support. SizeToddler: Palm circumference 4&#189 &#8220 to 5&#189 &#8220 (11 to 14cm)Youth: Palm circumference 5&#189 &#8220 to 6&#189 &#8220 (14 to 17cm)Small: Palm circumference 6&#8220 to 7&#8220 (15 to 18cm)Small Plus: Palm circumference 6&#189 &#8220 to 7&#188 &#8220 (17 to 18cm)Medium: Palm circumference 7&#8220 to 8&#8220 (18 to 20cm)Medium Plus: Palm circumference 7?&#8220 to 8&#188 &#8220 (20 to 21cm)Large: Palm circumference 8&#8220 to 9&#8220 (20 to 23cm)Large Plus: Palm circumference 8&#188 &#8220 to 9&#189 &#8220 (21 to 24cm)X-Large: Palm circumference 9&#8220 to 10&#8220 (23 to 25cm) Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description.

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